The reason for this blog..

I created this blog as a place to house my writing portfolio and also as a place to pontificate on any literary or writing thoughts or musings. These days, my writing is so structured I feel like I have very little time to free write. I miss it. Free writing provides such a release. And lately, with the amount of stress in my life, I need it more than ever.

I’ve paired up with a local web designer who is also a friend of mine and a super cool smart girl. I love smart girls. She’s a graphic designer who was working with a Google-trained optimizer, and they needed a content creator, a third person. Hence, me.

The three of us couldn’t be a better team. We’re all insanely different but the same in the most important ways. We’re type-a personalities and workaholics; therefore, the job gets done, and it gets done well, even if it means no sleep and way, way too much coffee.

My parenting blog, Zealous Mom, is still integral in my life, but it’s been pushed to the back burner because of more pressing paid gigs.

One thing I truly love about being a writer are the different genres I am able to explore. In one day, I may write a blog post, a content page, a newspaper article and a column. I love it. It keeps me on my toes, and nothing drives me crazy like being bored.

How’s your week going? Have you been writing? I certainly hope so.

To be a true writer, you actually have to sit down and write. Make the time. It’s so worth it.


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