Dear Coffee #500WED

Writing Prompt: “I want you to write a love letter. Yes. A sappy, happy, loving letter to something or someone you love. I don’t care if it’s for your partner, your dog, or even cigarettes. I want you to write it as if you are a soldier at war and you are worried that these words of love will be the last the person or thing you love will ever see from you. Put your heart into it.” –Cecily Kellogg

Dear Coffee,

Throughout the years, I’ve humanized you. When nothing can get me out of the bed in the morning, you can. When nothing can make a day of shopping at the mall bearable, you can. When nothing can make a five hour stretch of interstate driving happy, you can.

When I have a million projects to work on, you can make me survive three hours at a coffee shop. You, my laptop, six manilla folders, an iPhone, a pen that may or may not work, and me. Just you, me, and all of those inanimate objects. Yet, somehow we manage.

During both pregnancies, I had to give you up. Twice! It was extraordinarily challenging, though you didn’t give up without a fight. Migraines ensued. Irritability took over. And overwhelming tiredness was commonplace. We were able to hang out for one tiny cup each morning, but come on! For a true coffee drinker, a proud coffee drinker, that’s like mocking me right to my face. If we can’t enjoy at least three cups together, what’s the point?

Once my little Monkeys popped out, I wasn’t looking forward to sushi or wine or mountain climbing. Oh, no, I just wanted a giant mug of strong, locally-roasted, well-brewed coffee. I wanted to sit back with my favorite mug and savor your flavor. And let me know tell you. When we finally reunited, I mean, really reunited, the feeling was indescribable. Remember? You know what I’m talking about.

You are a dear, dear friend, coffee. It’s gone beyond personifying; I do believe I consider you one of my best friends. A conversation seems better when you’re there. My brain is sharper when you are there. I’m more alert when you are there. I know you won’t let me down. Are these not the qualities of a best friend?

What do you need from me? Whatever it is, you know I’m here. I will love you, indulge in you, consume you. Always and forever.





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