When I was eight-years old, I sent a children’s book manuscript to a publishing company. Needless to say, they rejected me. But it was then that I knew I loved to write. Throughout school, I hated math and science classes and counted the minutes until the bell rang for English. Aside from my two little boys, little gives me as much joy as writing.

I’m still not sure why I didn’t major in creative writing or journalism in college. Instead I majored in psychology. I think along with analyzing literature, I love to analyze people, so I thought psychology was the field for me. After a brief stint as a school psychologist, I’ve spent the rest of my adult life as an English teacher, writer or blogger.

I’ve written parenting columns, education columns, web content, newspaper articles, blog posts, cover letters, resumes, biographies, children’s books, magazine articles, tweets, novels, Facebook posts, verses for wedding programs, and poems on cocktail napkins. I’m an equal opportunity writer. That’s how I know I love it. I think columns and blogging are my favorite because they’re written in my own voice; nevertheless, I will write anything anyone asks me to.

My primary blog is a parenting blog called Zealous Mom. I created this blog as a space to free write about anything and everything as well a place to provide writing tips that have worked for me. I also love connecting with other writers. We’re like a secret society with no chants or hazing, and I love being a member.

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